World Pangolin Day

World Pangolin Day

February 15, 2020

About World Pangolin Day

World Pangolin Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate these unique animals and to help raise awareness for their plight.

Pangolin Species

Poached per day

Poached in the last decade

Celebrate Pangolins with us!

These gently, scaly mammals are the most trafficked mammal in the world. They are poached for their scales and meat. 

The goal of World Pangolin Day is to raise awareness for pangolins and to support the organizations that protect them!


Make a Donation

Support Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary’s pangolin rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

 Pangolin rehabilitation is not easy, mainly due to their diet: they only eat ants and termites. They need to be walked in the forest several times a day so that they can forage. As a result, the sanctuary has to employ “Pangolin Walkers” to take these guys for walks.



Sponsor a pangolin box

Every pangolin that comes in, has its own box to sleep in. If you want to help with pangolin conservation in Liberia, you can sponsor a pangolin box.

These monthly adoption fees will help Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary to pay for medical care for rescued pangolins and help with the salaries of the “Pangolin Walkers”.

Join the movement

Join Pangolin.Africa and thousands of pangolin supporters around the world by #runningforpangolins.

Participating in the global campaign is easy, fun and free! All we’re asking for is your time.

There is no set route or minimum distance. You can run anywhere, at any time on the day. Just run!

You will get a running bib, a pangolin fact sheet and the opportunity to win a 10 day safari in Africa!


Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary

Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary (LiWiSa) rescues, rehabilitates, and releases wildlife that are victims of poaching, and the bushmeat and pet trade.

Liberia is home to 3 species of pangolins; the White-bellied pangolin, the Black-bellied pangolin, and the Giant pangolin.

So far, 40 pangolins have been brought to the sanctuary, 33 White-bellied pangolins, and 7 Black-bellied pangolins.

Connect with Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary

Watch this video to learn more about pangolins and the race to save them from extinction

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