Sea Turtle Project 

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Sea Turtle Project

The Sea Turtle Project is a critical conservation project founded by Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary (LiWiSa). The aim is to restore sea turtle populations by protecting laying females, nests and hatchlings.

 The Libassa Beach is a popular nesting site for the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle and the Leatherback Sea Turtle. Both turtle species are considered endangered with decreasing populations. 


The biggest threat to these turtles is poaching for their meat and eggs. When a female comes on the shore to lay her eggs, the poachers will take the eggs to sell and then flip the female upside down so she cannot go back into the ocean.


LiWiSa implemented beach patrols that protect nesting turtles and deter illegal activities.

The patrols consist of five trained eco-guards monitoring and protecting nesting sites twice per week.

The goal is to increase these patrols to every day of the week to ensure that more turtles and eggs get protected.


What do donations cover?

  • $25 covers one night of beach patrol for 5 Ecoguards
  • $175 covers one week of beach patrols for 5 Ecoguards


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