True Wildlife is dedicated to the conservation of wildlife through specialized conservation efforts, partnerships, wildlife sanctuaries, education, and outreach.

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What We Do

The heart of True Wildlife is the protection and conservation of wildlife.

Specialized Wildlife Conservation

We work with on-the-ground organizations to support their work in wildlife conservation through:

  • Specialized veterinary treatment
  • Wildlife rehabilitation
  • Anti-poaching support
  • Community outreach
  • Habitat Conservation

Wildlife sanctuaries

We provide support to wildlife sanctuaries that provide a safe haven to injured, orphaned, and confiscated wildlife. 

These animals are unable to survive in the wild due to human-caused factors like; injury, orphaned due to poaching, habituated, lived in captivity,or confiscated in the illegal wildlife trade

Collaborative networks

Making a lasting impact in wildlife conservation requires outreach, support, and collaboration. Our network consists of individuals, groups and companies that share our passion, dedication and vision for the conservation of endangered wildlife. These networks connect, unite and inspire people to work together on behalf of conservation. 

Education & Outreach

We support information-sharing initiatives that improve the long-term survival of species. Through our collaborative networks and partners, we learn and share as much as possible to improve conservation

The Big Picture

Successful wildlife conservation means looking at the factors that directly affect the sustainability of conservation efforts. As a result, we consider the big picture to make lasting impacts in wildlife conservation.

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