libassa wildlife sanctuary

Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary is the first wildlife rescue center in Liberia to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife that are victims of the illegal bushmeat and pet trade. 


The illegal wildlife trade and poaching is one of the greatest threats to biodiversity and species survival in Liberia. A new wildlife law was passed in 2016 to protect Liberia’s wildlife. In response, Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary (LiWiSa) became the first wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center to give confiscated wildlife a second chance.


LiWiSa’s main goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and release wildlife that are victims of the bushmeat and pet trade. Working alongside communities, authorities and conservation partners, they work towards better enforcement of the law, improved wildlife protection and raising awareness about the wildlife trade.

  • Provide care and support to confiscated wildlife kept as pets or destined to bushmeat/trade
  • Release confiscated wildlife back into the secure locations in the wild
  • Provide lifelong care for the animals that cannot be released
  • Protect sea turtle nesting grounds
  • Encourage volunteer participation in conservation
  • Raise awareness of illegal wildlife trafficking

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